No time to Stop

This weekend was a series of pujas that were celebrated here in Bangalore. Dussera, Durga Puja and Ayudha puja .. all three this long weekend. 

Pujas mean a lot of things, but one thing in common is that all pujas need flowers. I decided to go to the KR Market in Bangalore to photograph people selling and buying tons of flowers for this festive season. I reached there really early at around 6 am and there were already over 10,000 people at the market, spilling over to the by lanes buying flowers.

One thing struck me how busy the shoppers were.. no time to really negotiate on prices or haggle  like they usually do. Everyone was running around to buy flowers and get home asap to actually do the puja. It was quite a different mood at the market .. People really had no time to stop.

View the entire series here.